Bookings are essential. Please call us on 076 444 5570 / 064 004 5194   


When your group arrives we will go over all the rules and how the equipment works however please familiarise yourself with the following rules before your event. The most important rule in paintball/splatball is to ALWAYS keep your goggles on and to never remove them for any reason as removing them can result in serious injury.  

  1.  NEVER Remove your goggles while in the play area!
  2.  Age limit is strictly 10 years and older
  3.  Paintball is played ENTIRELY at own risk
  4.  Closed shoes to be worn eg: tekkies
  5.  No shooting at close range
  6.  No shooting in the safety/rules area
  7.  Paintball guns are not allowed out of the safety area
  8. Strictly no alcohol is allowed before or during your games.